CCNA Security ... of the complete simulator package

CCNA Security Simulator

The simulator contains a number of challenges and a number of tests, such as:

Sample Test 1: Network Security Essentials
Sample Test 2: Network Attack Threats
Sample Test 3: Defence in Depth
Sample Test 4: Basic Router Management
Sample Test 5: Secure Router Administration
Sample Test 6: Authentication
Sample Test 7: AAA
Sample Test 8: Configuring Tacacs+ and RADIUS
Sample Test 9: Cisco ACS
Sample Test 10: Cisco ACS for Windows

New PIX/ASA ASDM Windows configuration. A pre-release version of the ASDM simulator is at:

New SDM Windows configuration. A pre-release version of the SDM simulator is at Demo 1 Demo 2. This is a unique feature that you will not find in any other simulator!


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