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CCSP Simulator

The PIX emulator covers much of the certification required for the PIX/ASA-related material. it follows the 642-522/523 Securing Networks with PIX and ASA (SNPA). The following shows some of the challenges for PIX V6 and V7:

PIX Example- P1.
Pix Example (V6)- P2
Pix Example (V7)- P3
Pix Example (V6)- P4
Pix Example (V7)- P5
Pix Example (V7)- P14

and an outline of the challenges:

Range of challenges

and a sample lecture on PIX/ASA:

Introduction to PIX/ASA Link - with CLI.
Introduction to PIX/ASA Link - with CLI and ASDM - Part 1.
Context-based ACLs Link.
VPN Link.
Starting with ASA Link.

642-552 - Securing Cisco Network Devices - SND

For router security:

Router CCSP security - D11

CCSP CSVPN Web Simulator

This simulator covers most of the features of the VPN Web Interface. VPN Web Demo

Security fundamentals

Security involves a great deal of fundamental knowledge. The following gives presentations on key fundamental areas:

Introduction to Security LinkTest.
Principles of IDS
Principles of Encryption
Principles of Authentication Link.
Principles of Network Security Link.
Principles of Software Security Link.

and some academic material on security:

Academic material Link.

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